‘I gave birth by C-section in December 2011 and have an 11 year history of back pain and sciatica from an injury to my L4/5 disc in 1999. I was keen to start doing pilates taught by a Physiotherapist. In the past, inexperienced, non-physio teachers have caused flare-ups of my back problem. I started attending 1:1 sessions with Marie and found them to be really beneficial in helping me to start exercising again after having a baby. Marie has been very supportive in allowing me to work at my own pace. I prefer to follow a prescribed exercise programme rather than have a more ‘hands-on’ treatment and Marie understood my needs and she was very happy to work this way with me. I felt that I wasn’t ready to join a general Pilates class but thanks to Marie I can already feel my confidence and movement improving so that this is a realistic goal for the near future’

― Sara